Using VEX PD+ for REC Coaches

Each registered VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) and VEX IQ Robotics Competition (VIQRC) team is provided a Coach Key to access features of VEX Professional Development Plus (VEX PD+).

Why Should I Use Coach PD+?

Community is the best resource a coach can have. Access to Coach PD+ offers the kind of support you can usually only get from a personal mentor! Engaging with a diverse community of educators and coaches is one of the best ways to grow.

Access to Coach PD+ will help ensure you are never isolated from the support of like-minded professionals. With Coach PD+, you a part of a community with other professionals like yourself--where there are no ads, and no kids.

Read about how PD+ helped educators Keisha and Joel.

What is Coach PD+?

Coach PD+ provides access to The Community, PD+ Video Library, and STEM Insights within PD+.

Community in Coach PD+

The Community is a place for educators, coaches, and mentors to ask questions, share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve their competitive robotics programs.


Video Library in Coach PD+

The PD+ Video Library includes dozens of professionally produced videos covering a variety of robotics and programming topics.

Preview "Building Your First Robot."


Preview an interview with educator Heidi Zeko.

Insights in Coach PD+

PD+ Insights is a library of professional articles that will inspire and encourage your growth as an educator, mentor, and coach.

For example, in Strategies and Tips for Teaching Debugging, Audra Selkowitz discusses the importance of creating a positive classroom culture around debugging. She suggests rewarding students for finding bugs and offers suggestions for making it fun. This article is a tremendous tool to assist coaches by providing a step-by-step method for finding and fixing issues in student code.

In Robot Algebra: Authentic Applications of the Pythagorean Theorem, Lauren Harter uses her past experience as a high school and collegiate math teacher to demonstrate how to teach the Pythagorean Theorem with authentic applications. Coaches are given an amazing opportunity to leverage Lauren’s experience in teaching mathematical formulas through the use of robotics in an engaging and authentic way.

In Documenting Persistence, Aimee DeFoe addresses the importance of teaching persistence. She recounts her experience with a second grade class and how they learned to be persistent in the creation of a charitable project.

Insights offers a wide variety of articles that will encourage and inspire you to grow as an educator.

Accessing Coach PD+

You must have a registered VRC or VIQRC team in order to access Coach PD+.

If you have not registered a team for the current season, refer to Registering a VIQRC Team or Registering a VRC Team for step-by-step instructions.

Once you have a registered team, visit Accessing VEX Professional Development Plus for Coaches (VRC / VEX IQ) for instructions on how to access your Coach PD+.

Introduce Yourself on PD+ Community

After completing registration, take a moment and introduce yourself to the PD+ community.

For Classroom Educators, Consider VEX PD+

VEX PD+ expands on the features available through Coach PD+. Learn more at

  • Connect with experts on STEM pedagogy
  • Expert-led professional learning
  • Webinars on evolving K-12 STEM topics
  • Insightful articles about educational robotics and pedagogy
  • Educator-shared Activities
  • Workshops and Events

You can also try a free 3 day trial of VEX PD+!